Denttera Oral and Dental Health Clinic was established in 2021 by Specialist Dr. Kaan NEJAT and Specialist Dr. Şehrazat ZİYA at the address of Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi 2118. Street Maidan Business Center B Blok No: 6 Çankaya Ankara.

Denttera polyclinic designed in accordance with the pandemic conditions. Each section in the Clinic has its own ventilation system and works independently from other sections, due to this system, particles are prevented from dispersing to other sections. In order to minimize contact in the closed area within the clinic, a waiting area has been created in the open area.

Denttera Polyclinic provides a complete range of treatments; including :

Cosmetic dentistry, 

Dental implants, 

Gum disease treatment,



Children’s dentistry, 

Veneer placements,

Teeth whitening,

Orthodontics without using braces