Cosmetic Dentistry


Today, when aesthetics is at the forefront, it is accepted by everyone that a beautiful smile is of great importance in facial aesthetics. In recent years, there have been many developments in the field of dentistry along with technological developments. Smile design is now an indispensable part of aesthetics. Even a very small change in teeth can cause a big change in facial aesthetics.

Smile design actually has a wide range of applications. After a detailed examination, a dentist experienced in the field of aesthetics decides on the applications to be made in line with the patient’s expectations and wishes and informs the patient about the possible results.

The most important factor determining the success of smile design is the experience of the physician. The aesthetic dentist should understand the patient’s expectations and decide whether the applications to be made will meet the patient’s real expectations.

Some applications of cosmetic dentistry:


Teeth whitening is the most common treatment method for smile design in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Almost everyone wants to have white teeth.

Teeth whitening methods are divided into office type and home type.


It is possible to change the appearance of teeth by using composite fillers and bonding agents. this method is inexpensive and fast. Sometimes big changes can be made with just a few minutes of procedure. This method is most commonly used to close the tooth gap. Tooth gap is closed with a material suitable for tooth color and texture in just one session without making any cuts in the teeth, without damaging the tooth.


Laminate application, is a method used to change the form and color of teeth or in the presence of slight crowding. It is one of the most preferred methods in smile design. Laminates can be produced from several different materials. Composite laminate, porcelain laminate, E-max laminate, and zirconium laminates are the most frequently preferred laminated tooth types in smile design, respectively. The biggest advantage of laminated tooth application is that little or no cutting is made on the teeth, unlike porcelain veneers. 


It is one of the most preferred and oldest applications in aesthetic dentistry. There are several types of dental veneers. Metal-supported porcelain dental veneers, zirconium-supported porcelain tooth veneers, E-max tooth veneers, Glass ceramic tooth veneers are the most widely used dental veneers. The cost of metal-supported coatings is low compared to others, but since the metal in the inner layer causes aesthetic problems over time, it has no place in smile design and is generally used on the back teeth. Zirconium dental veneers are the most preferred veneer type in aesthetic dentistry.