Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial structures that a dental surgeon inserts into a person’s jawbone. A person may need an implant if they have lost one or more teeth. Missing teeth are completed with prostheses placed on implants.

What are the advantages of a Dental Implant?

Today, the most up-to-date method used for the treatment of tooth deficiencies is dental implants. dental implant; It is the treatment that gives the closest result to the natural tooth in terms of form, chewing and aesthetics.

Compared to implant treatment with bridge construction, missing teeth are completed without the need for cutting adjacent teeth.

Can dental implants be applied to everyone?

The patient planned to be implanted is evaluated in terms of systemic health and bone quality/quantity.

Implant application to some patient groups is risky. In certain cases, implant treatment can be performed by consulting the patient’s medical doctor and taking some precautions.

Bone quality/quantity is evaluated with 3D tomography. In the presence of insufficient bone, implant placement is possible with the addition of bone graft.